Gather and Socialize!

Relaxing in the spacious Kulana Hale community room is easy with many gathering places to enjoy socializing with friends. The large screen flatTV hosts movie night and of course FOOTBALL! P The lanai has plenty of open air seating to eat lunch, play cards with friends, or just enjoy the breeze

Stay in Touch!

Not only does the Kulna Hale library have shelves of books to read and a piano to play, but it also brings you into the 21st century with 3 desktop apple computers and free WiFi.  Keep up with your grandkids on social media, email your friends, or search online to find your next outing.

have fun!

With an array of physical activities, there's no excuse!  Get active and have fun with your new friends. Stay fit and healthy with exercise machines, a pool table, and a ping pong table.