Every month, Kamila Anderson and the Kulana Hale Management Office, release a newsletter for the residents of Kulana Hale and their families.

The download is available for your reading pleasure...

Kulana Hale Newsletter Download - Aug 14, 2018


Aug. 06    The energized Eric S.
Aug. 08    The winning Lily W.
Aug. 08    The dynamic Wendell K.
Aug. 09    The explosive Lee M.
Aug. 14    The devoted Larry N.
Aug. 17    The melodious Peter C.
Aug. 18    The powerful Linda R.
Aug. 22    The educated Celia K.
Aug. 22    The promising Phyllis S.
Aug. 23    The debonair Clifford A.
Aug. 25    The animated Robert H.
Aug. 25    The magical Marian R.
Aug. 27    The flexible George J.
Aug. 28    The fragile Cindy K.
Aug. 31    The gallant Tadataka M.


Aug 8
10AM , P4
Humana Informational Event

Aug 24
130PM , P4
Kulana Hale Annual Bake Sale Meeting

Aug 30
Starting at 9AM
Pest Control (Floors 9,10,11,12)



Aug 26
6PM, Outdoor Rec Room
Tenant Driven Potluck  (To attend: Bring  a dish!)

Aug 2 & 16
7PM-10PM, P4
Karaoke Night

Christmas 2018 is only 4-months away!