Every month, Kamila Anderson and the Kulana Hale Management Office, release a newsletter for the residents of Kulana Hale and their families

Reminders: Due to COVID-19, the activities at Kulana Hale are limited. Please contact the office to keep up with the changes.

Players come together every Thursday and they have the best time. No more canned goods to be recycled every week. Price to play is $2.00 a card. Hosted by Gwen.

Rainbow Warriors
The televised UH Sports Live! Games began in late August. Please check the listings posted in the rec room. The viewing of these games is for all tenants who want to participate.

New computers are up and running in the library area. Be sure to sign out when you are done.

Pool Table
A reminder to all players, no food or drinks allowed near or on the table. And as for the exercise machines, please wear proper footwear to prevent accidents.

Aside from Bingo, this is the longest running event so far. It’s an easy way to start the day with deep breathing, stretching and yoga style of meditation. Classes are every Monday and Thursday mornings on the outdoor lanai from
9:00 to 10 am.

Dance With Cliff
Tuesday mornings dance class starts at 9:30 and last a full hour. You will feel energetic after this fast pace exercise. Or you may want to come and watch Faye do the Electric Slide.

Quarters are available any day of the week. Only complete rolls are sold at $10 a roll. Please do not buy quarters with nickels and dimes.

Monthly Pot Luck
Sharing a meal with friends is always a pleasure. You can sign up and pair up to make a dish that will surely be delicious and cost effective.